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For those who have tried every diet, failed time and again and have all but lost hope of losing the weight.


Ideal Lifestyle was created to address the need for a healthy weight loss program in the community.

Opening its doors in 2018, Ideal Lifestyle is already helping dozens of people in the Monroe area realize their goals and become the best version of themselves. 


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We at Ideal Lifestyle know that finding the right method of weight loss is easier said than done. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs and the scope of your goals.

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Meet the owner



Linda Speer

From working as a financial advisor assistant, to opening her own clinic in 2018, Linda has been in the Monroe area for over 20 years. She loves the community and wants to see the people in it become more healthy.

Having struggled with being morbidly obese for most of her adult life, the time came when Linda knew she needed to do something. That something turned out to be Ideal Protein weight loss protocol!

“Through the years, I had tried several diets. I lost weight. I gained more weight. The yo-yo dieting was so frustrating. I had tried a diet where I had to count points that were assigned to foods. This program met in a group situation, which for me was a struggle if I had a question. Being an introvert, I didn’t want to ask my question in front of everyone. I tried another program that had more one-on-one consulting. I lost weight, but then had no continued accountability and gained back all the weight and then some. Another diet I tried allowed me to eat whatever I wanted, as long as I stopped when I started to feel full. THAT didn’t work! I ate whatever I wanted. Period. And didn’t stop when I started to feel full. Plus all the other failed attempts at losing weight. At this point, I had just decided I was destined to be fat and unhealthy the rest of my life. This was who I was. I didn’t like it, but had accepted it. Then something changed in my thinking. I would see my husband, kids and grandkids do things I used to enjoy. But it was not fun for me because of my weight. I wanted to do those things again! I wanted to have fun with my family like I used to do.

“My son had had great success with the Ideal Protein protocol. My daughter worked at an Ideal Protein clinic. Ideal Protein was permeating my family! I was next! After asking a bunch of questions about the way Ideal Protein works, I decided I MIGHT be able to do this. On August 25, 2017 I went in for my initial consultation. My coach explained how my body works with the Ideal Protein products to use my fat as fuel! What?! Well that just changed everything! I followed the protocol religiously. By Christmas, I had lost 40 pounds! Then 80 pounds! Then 100 pounds! I still have more to lose, but it’s amazing how good I feel! It’s been a little over a year now and I have only been sick once in that time. Prior to that, I was sick with something on a regular basis. Getting the sugar out of my system helped so much with pain from inflammation in my joints. Now I have so much more energy and can do the things I’d been missing doing with my family.

“Around the beginning of 2018, my husband kept telling me I should ‘do this’, meaning open an Ideal Protein clinic. I kept saying ‘no’. But that suggestion just kept nagging at me. This is something that has worked so well for me. I saw results every week! I didn’t have to think too much about what I was going to eat. Then I knew this was something I wanted to share with others who have tried one diet after the other only to lose weight and gain it all back and who have just given up and felt like I felt. The passion I feel for this is real and something I can’t just keep to myself! If I can do this, you can do this!”